The Cell Energizer: Introducing Dermatein® MCC

Mitochondrial dysfunction is heavily implicated in the multifactorial aging process

Dermatein® MCC is a mitochondrial concentrate which supplies a broad mitochondrial “spare parts” to the skin. Up to now skin care products have been designed to repair existing mitochondria, such as with Coenzyme Q10. However, Dermatein® MCC supplies not just a single component of the electron transport chain but a myriad of lipids, cofactors and coenzymes.

  • Mitochondria are the organelles that make energy available to the cell
  • Mitochondria age faster than the rest of the cell

BioOrganic Concepts has launched Dermatein® MCC to provide mitochondrial components to skin mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the eukaryotic cell, converting chemical energy in the form of sugars, amino acids, fatty acids and more into adenosine triphosphate and reducing power that the cell can use to maintain its structure and to grow and reproduce.

INCI:  Cauliflower Mitochondria
Use Level:  1.0-5.0% in skin care formulations

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