It's Only Natural

dreamstime m 14894638BioOrganic Concepts is a key supplier of natural and functional ingredients to the cosmetic and personal care industry.  The company was founded in 1997 to respond to the then –budding natural cosmetic and personal care market. Today, we are the source of hundreds of natural, exotic and functional ingredients. The natural market continues to be one of the fastest growing markets in the personal care business.

BioOrganic helps our customers formulate to the ever-changing challenging guidelines set forth by a variety of organizations such as NPA, Whole Foods and Ecocert. Whether you are looking for pigments, fragrance or performance products such as preservatives or exfoliators, BioOrganic Concepts has a comprehensive portfolio that makes it easy to be natural.

Our partnerships with Campo Research (Singapore), Lessonia (France) and Stephenson Group (England) give us a wide range of natural and functional options for product development. With its broad product base and fresh approach to natural materials, BioOrganic Concepts makes it easy to be natural.