Nature’s Insect Repellant
Campo Research has introduced a novel plant based insect repellant for cosmetic formulations.  The company has studies that insect repellent protection for up to 12 hours at a 2.5% use level.   
The Neem’s flowers, bark and leaves  consist of various essential oil components such as citronellal, cedrenol, geraniol, geranyl acetate, limonene, camphene and various Neem volatile oil-fractions.  The ingredient is an oil extract via supercritical CO2 extraction.
Unlike many of the insect repellents presently on the market which have difficult odors, potential toxicity and negative consumer perception, this ingredient is derived naturally from the active ingredients of plants with the main ingredient – citronella-like volatile oil components from neem flowers.
Citronellal is one of several essential oils used in the manufacture of perfumes.  It has been well established that Citronellal is very effective in repelling mosquito attacks.
Neem has been established in the east as a cleanser and antiseptic and is also an effective insect repellent.
Campo Citro Neem Oil can be used as insect repellent in a liquid spray, a “splash on lotion”, and in crams which dry quickly.
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